March 03, 2021

Top House Features That Every Family Needs

If you ask families about their idea of a perfect family home, you’ll likely get different answers. Some prefer to have a spacious yard where they can throw outdoor parties, while others want a large living room that can be turned into a play area for the kids.


Depending on the size of the family, the house features they need may also vary. But regardless of the family size or preferences, the following house features will prove to be useful for many years to come: 


Multiple Bathrooms


If you’re still at the initial stage of building your own family, you might not be thinking of having more than one bathroom at home. But as soon as the kids arrive, you can expect a higher demand when it comes to bathroom space. 


When looking at houses for sale today, it’s common to see multiple bathrooms in single-detached homes. But if your budget won’t allow you to buy such a huge house, there are townhouse units with multiple bathrooms that you can consider. Masinag Townhomes, for example, have three bathrooms. Townhouse units are generally more affordable than other home types, so you don’t have to worry about stretching your budget.


Individual Bedrooms for the Kids 


For the most comfortable residential experience, the children must have their own rooms. At first, they wouldn’t mind sleeping together in one room. But as they grow older, they’ll demand to have their own private space. By choosing a house with multiple bedrooms, you can reduce the risk of costly renovations or moving to a new home after a few years.


Large Windows


Windows get little attention at home, but if you get the right kind, you’ll make your overall living space brighter, airy, and more spacious. Houses with large windows, like the ones at Masinag Townhomes, can fill the indoor space with natural light. 


Natural light comes with several benefits, including energy savings and improvements in mood and well-being. Large glass windows that open can also provide fresh air, stunning views, and enhanced aesthetics.


A Steel Gate


For a secure home, you can never go wrong with having a steel gate. If your house comes with a car garage, installing a steel gate can add protection to your home and your vehicle as well. Meanwhile, for a house with a spacious yard, having a fence would also work well for safety purposes.


A Den or Flex Room 


A den can be a great place to bond with everyone in the family. For this area, you should aim for flexibility. After all, “flex” is short for the word flexible. You can turn the den into a game room, a mini home theater, or a “zen den” where one can engage in mindfulness activities like yoga or meditation. 


If there’s no more space for a den or flex room inside the house, you can always use the recreational amenities available within your neighborhood. For instance, in the community of Masinag Townhomes, residents can stay and relax at the spacious lounge. There’s also a swimming pool and a playground where families can spend time together.


With all these features in place, you’ll have a home where everyone can feel safe and comfortable. Despite changes that may come in the future, this home will grow with you and your family.


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