March 03, 2021

Here’s How to Choose the Right Home Size for Your Family

When it comes to buying houses, is bigger always better? Is smaller always cheaper? The answers largely depend on your preferences and family goals. For example, if you go for a bigger house, you’ll have more space and feel more comfortable. It’s not better if you dread the upkeep and maintenance costs of a huge home. Meanwhile, a small house is generally cheaper, but not if you decide to add more family members later. This might lead to hefty renovation costs or the possibility of buying a new, bigger house.

Next to location and price, the size of the house is what you need to prioritize. Choosing the wrong one won’t just have an impact on your finances. It can also affect the overall comfort of your family. To get you on the right course, here are some tips to finding the perfect-sized home for you and your loved ones.

Observe Your Current Home 

Whether you already have a family or you’re still planning to raise one, you can learn from the house you’re currently living in. How many are in that house right now? Is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms enough for everyone? If there’s a space in your house that you’d like to make bigger, what would it be?

The answers you’ll get from these questions will give you a rough idea of how big you want your home to be. It also helps you assess which house features you can and cannot live without. Perhaps, you don’t really want a big yard, but you need a garage. In that case, sizable townhouse units, like those you’ll find at Masinag Townhomes, are worth checking out. Townhomes don’t come with a big yard, so there’s less maintenance. But you can get extra useful features like a garage for the family car.    

Think About Your Plans for the Future 

As early as now, think about how your future family would look like. How many kids are you planning to raise? Do you want a space for your in-laws or aging parents? Taking these things into account will help you find a cozy home for everyone. For maximum comfort, the ideal plan is to have one bedroom for each family member.

Consider All The Things You Want Inside Your Home

All the belongings you will put inside your home will take up space. If you have an extensive collection of sentimental items you want to keep, your new home should provide a dedicated area for that. Children, as they grow, will also need space for their things, such as books, instruments, toys, and the like. Consider all these so you won’t end up having a cramped home.   

Get a Slightly Bigger House Than You Need 

A bigger house is worth all the rage. It offers ample space for relaxation and flexibility for unexpected changes like new family members or parents working from home. Also, buying a bigger house doesn’t always have to stretch your budget. For instance, Masinag Townhomes and other similar developments offer townhouse units with at least three bedrooms at reasonable prices. For two adults and one child, the units at Masinag Townhomes would be more than enough. Plus, you’ll get an extra room for a guest or another child.

The size of your house can make or break your family’s quality of life. With the tips above, hopefully, you’ll find a property where you can truly feel at home for many years to come.


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