March 03, 2021

Couple Goal: Finding the Right Home for You and Your Partner

Having your own home with your life partner and future children is perhaps the ultimate couple goal you want to achieve. It’s not very common for couples to talk about their future, especially when both are invested in growing old together. 

Besides the money conversations you need to deal with, you also need to ensure that you’ll choose the right kind of home. Location, size, and amenities are among the several considerations when finding a home that can accommodate your current and future needs. It’s also worth noting that every couple has different expectations for their homes. Here’s how they could differ:

For the Hardworking Couples 

A condo unit would be a wise choice for life partners who want to flourish in their careers while living together independently. One-bedroom condo units are a popular option for young, hard working couples in metro areas. They require little maintenance, which perfectly suits a mobile lifestyle. 

For young couples with plans to start a family, buying a two-bedroom condo unit may be an ideal choice if the family size will be kept small. It only makes sense if the couples want to combine their careers and family life.

For Couples Looking for a ‘Forever Home’ 

Finding a ‘forever home’ could be challenging given the fast-paced world we live in, where everyone is constantly moving. Still, this could be possible for couples who have long been open to the kind of home they want to have in the future.

For couples who plan to raise more than four children, it’s practical to choose a single-detached house where there’s plenty of space for growth. Meanwhile, for those who want to have a smaller family but want to keep their privacy, townhouse units, like those at Masinag Townhomes, are worth considering.

Beyond the house type, location plays a crucial role when finding a ‘forever home.’ You don’t want to live far from essential establishments as it would mean that you’ll endure long travels almost every day. Similarly, considering the amenities available is just as important because these can help make daily living more fun and meaningful. As such, considering developments like Masinag Townhomes is only practical as they have an amenity area that provides ample space for memorable family bondings.

For the Newlywed Couples

Townhouse communities like Masinag Townhomes are also newlywed-friendly because of their reasonably-priced and spacious units. For couples who just got married and looking for houses that don’t cost a fortune, townhomes are always worth checking out because they’re generally more affordable than single-family homes.

With at least three bedrooms, townhouses are ideal for newly married couples who are still unsure about the number of children they want. A maximum of six family members can comfortably fit in a three-bedroom house. But if that number isn’t reached, spare rooms can be converted into other functional areas like a study room or home office. For utmost comfort, a three-bedroom house should be for a family of four. There’s a room for the parents while two kids can individually occupy the remaining two bedrooms.

With various housing options available and factors to consider, it can be difficult to determine the right home for you and your life partner. With patience and respect to each other’s expectations, you’ll soon find your future home. 


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